Monday, June 30, 2008

OMG !!!!!!!! Itzzz me !!!!!!!! :(


This pic was taken by Sathya Priya during the Hyderabad trip!!

Look at the person behind the fish tank !! Itzzz me!!

And do i look too fat because of the magnifying effect of the fish tank or am I really too fat ?? :(

I myself don't know. Going to check out in the mirror !! :( :( :(

Tag ??

To be very honest, when i read Vignesh's comments "..I ve tagged u", I dint even have a scintilla of idea of wat it is. Tagged ?? But yes, with surfing thru the blogs(as i ve no other job to do) came to know wat its all about !! :)

6 whatevers about me
1. Wanted to be a singer in Tamil Cinema, but as 80% of ppl, ended up in Software industry spending almost 60% of my Software Life in "Bench"..
2. Entered the record books yesterday, celebrating the 150th day in the bench.
3. Hard-core, die-hard music freak. You can never find me without ear fones . Almost 15 hrs a day with my iPod. Music I like : ARRahman, Linkin Park, Fort Minor and some Bolly songs. (Even now, songs of 'Dhaam Dhoom' are in background :)
4. A good orator.
5. A gourmand of Vegeterian food.(esp my mom's)
6. If u ask me wat i do on weekends, this is the answer.
A : Option 5 followed by a nap for 5 hrs. :) There is no word called 'insomnia' in my dictionary.

5 things i miss
if u have read my prev posts "How to name it?" u might be knowing it. still, i ll jot down here too.

1. My school and College pals( if any of u are reading this, 'Miss u guys')
2. 'Jonty Rhodes' Sridhar
3. College and Hostel(Includes cultural preps, calculator for english exams, fights with buddies, Hostel food, Industrial Visits, late nite preparation, ridiculing teachers.. wil stop here )
4. N.M.Bakery, Chilli Gobi shops in Coimbatore.

5. Me ...

10 things i want to achieve in a decade

Within 1 month: Give my GRE and get a decent score and get into US Univ
1 year : Fly to US
3 years: Complete my Masters degree in US and get a good job
4 years: Watch Boxing day Ashes test, Euro 2012 live!!!!
5 years: A world tour :)
6 years: Meet ..... :) (Its understood)
7 years: Have a rendezvous of college friends in Switzerland :)
8 years: Get a BMW. If not BMW, atleast Tata 'Nano'
9 years: Become a professor
10 years: Settle in Adyar,Chennai(God knows wat ll b the land rates by then) with my parents.

Book tag

Sorry guys, I could find only 'Mangayar Malar' near me. So posting that itself.

Sri Gomathi Sankar Catering Service. Master Cook Catering Contractors. Samayal Chakravarthy 'Mambalam' G Sankar Iyer

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Spec'-tacular day

This Monday started off quite differently and I ve been waiting for it to come. want to know the reason? got a new pair of specs.

its not because tat i wanted to show off on Monday. its because it had cost me 4.5K :( and i wanted to check whether it was worth tat much and if ppl could recognize tat and tell me 'Hey. the specs looks great','Dude!! Got a new specs eh?'.

Started early. Everything looked perfect, clear under the brand new lenses. tried to look at the distant objects and read the registration numbers of the vehicles tat passed by. Everything was crystal clear. This glass fitted much better than the previous one.

Reached the office and was desperately waiting for someone to ask me about it .. None even gave a thot bout it.
Had breakfast with one of my colleague. he started off saying "Hey... ". And the next moment i was on my feet, asking him "ya. tell me dude".

"Did u watch Euro 2008? . Interesting match. 2 goals in the last 5 mins by Turkey"

"Ooooooh.. No, man. went to get my eyes checked up in the evening for a new specs, so couldnt watch it", tried to again notify him about the specs.

"So wat man!! the match was in the nite only"

I knew 2 things for sure
a) He is not going to leave me until I tell him tat I dont have a set-top box
b) He is not going to tell anything about the new specs too

I answered him with option a) and left to my place.

came to my place, then got a call from my home.
"Hello!! " it was my sis at the other end.
"Yup!! tell me"

"Hey I think you took my specs by mistake. Just check it", she said.

I was taken aback completely and then found that she was correct. Both of our specs were similar, and drowsy start from home at 6 30 am, led it to this confusion.

The moment I kept the phone down, one of my other colleague came and "New frameless glass!! How much !! ? "
"Brought my specs wrongly. this is my sister's"
he burst out into a guffaw. i got irritated, but i cant do anything. so there was a chuckle from my side. with strict instructions from my sister not to wear the specs, questions like "Are u wearing Contact lenses?" started to come in from other colleagues.

the rest of the day had been the exact opposite of how it all started.
blurred images, hazy registration number on the vehicles, ghostly appearance of people was all i could see. was circumspect on each n every step, hoping that i wouldnt stamp on the stray dog lying on the roadside, or much worse, stamp on ***t. with me eyes watching so carefully,my eyebrows almost kissed each other.

In fact, my eye-sight is not that poor, but i felt i wasn't complete without my specs.
I thought i could find out the answer today. While starting to office today, made sure tat I've my specs and wore it.

Its been 6 hrs since i came to the office and as usual, no one cared about it :( and I found out the answer ...

U ?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Its Kamal all the way !!!!!!!

When I write this post, I hope there would've been a thousands similar to this.

Watched 'Dasavatharam' today @ Mayajaal for 220. (Rs 80/- for Snacks. And you know what the snacks are? Pepsi My Can, 5 Rs Ruffles pack, and popcorn). But stil, I never wanted to miss even a single frame in this movie, so made sure all my fnds are ready well before. Reached mayajaal one hr earlier. And now, about the movie. This post is not going to be on the story of 'Dasavatharam'. You can call it as an analysis of the movie.

I dint have much expectation before I went inside the theatre. I knew all these hypes surrounding ll lead to great expectation and out-of-the-box imagination. But I would say one thing for sure, this movie is far better than Rajni and Shankar combo 'Sivaji'.

Things I liked in the movie:

1) Obviously Kamal. The strenous effort he has put to make this whole movie come alive. I liked the characterization of 'Fletcher' Kamal, 'Balram Naidu' Kamal. He does all the 10 characters with such ease and brilliance.

2) They tried to keep the story intact avoiding some crappy duets in-between. And thank God, they dint include 'Oh oh Sanama' song by Himesh.

3) The unexpected character in the form of M S Bhaskar. :) Amazing guy. The slang of English he speaks is sure to keep you giggling. One eg. when he almost escapes an accident and then he tells 'Fletcher' Kamal that "mayirezhailla naan thapichean" and when 'Fletcher' Kamal asks him what it means, "Hair thread la I escapedu". its simply awesome.(May be it might not look that good when u read it here)

4) The second half scenes with 3 or 4 Kamal's in one scene is really good. There are times where you dont feel like you are watching 3 or 4 of them on the screen.

5) The dialogues in the second half with the 'Afghan' Kamal, Kamal and Asin has the 'crazy' touch, but at times u feel that it is overdozed.

6) The ease with which Kamal delivers the dialogues with different slangs for 'Bush' and 'Fletcher' is really amazing. The voice modulation, whether it is for 'Naidu' Kamal or 'Vincent' kamal or for the 'Rangarajan Nambi' is simply brilliant.

Things I dint like much in the movie:

1) The much expected 'Tsunami' scenes. Its the worst graphics in the whole movie. There are probably very few frames in the 'Tsunami' sequence which u can believe. For the money that has been spent on this movie, this should have been taken care of.

2) The same movie could have well been made of 3 Kamals instead. 'Fletcher','Naidu' and the original Kamal. Just to support the name, the other 7 have been introduced.

3) There was no need of the 12th century story. It remains so unconnected to the story.

4) Music has not been that impressive in the movie as expected. Some background musics are good, but it fails throughout the movie. especially the song of 'Mallika Sherawat' is very bad.

5) Once Asin makes into the screen, Kamal just goes behind her asking her(infact pleading her) to give the idol which has the vial. With something very serious in it, he could have given a slap and taken it or the scene could have been changed to something else to be more logical.

6) 'Bush' Kamal is the worst of the 10 avatars. i expected much from this character, and it failed miserably.

But this movie is really worth watching once.(If you are an ardent Kamal fan, even twice) Atleast the story is not the same as other indian movies. hero chasing villain, winning him in the end, 3-4 duets, 3-4 fights, one kuththu song. with the concept of bio-war already made its entry thru' the movie 'E' , this just wraps the same concept with 10 Kamals.

I go for 3 stars out of 5 for Kamal's Dasavatharam and a thumbs-up for Kamal's commendable performance.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to name it ?

Its a beautiful Sunday evening. Its been pretty cool in chennai today. I'm confused whether to study for my GRE, or go to sleep :). With the AC on and ARR's 'Jaane Tu..' and 'Ada' songs in background, its certainly is difficult to choose option 1 and option 2. so started blogging.
being indolent, and obsessed with cursing the boredom, i get stuck in my room.
Tracing back my steps,
10 Years ago : Can be called as the 'Bestest days of my life'. School has always been memorable for all of us(or atleast many of us). Sunday early morning beach-bet-match cricket with the other class, getting wounded on the knee and the elbow, The beach side Lime juice(=brackkish sea water) for 1Re. , watching Junoon and Rangoli on Doordarshan, it all looks like a great amount of fun now. i'm sure that i wont get back those days. Priceless. I looked like a polio attacked child that time. so thin and lean, as if i would break down into bones if someone hits me hard. was christened as 'Jonty Rhodes' for my exceptional fieding. that was my first degree !! Moved to a new house in adyar for my XI and XII. made a lot of great friends over there. mimicked the teachers during the free hours, biting the nails before the PT classes to avoid getting beatings from the PT master for not keeping the hands clean, the 30-cm long wooden scale, taking 5 pens, 5 pencils, 3 rubbers, 2 ink pens, geometry box(on a whole, a stationary shop itself) for the exam, was all unforgettable.
5 years ago: came the 'best days of life'. College. started to live alone. 'politics' was the new find in the college. working so hard to make one of my best friend as the college chairman, picking up quarrels with one of the impertinent staffs(Ramakrishnan) of my dept became a routine, advising the juniors as if i'm a 'Management Guru', convincing and wheedling students to attend department function,i became pretty familiar figure within my dept. with some positives, there was an equal share of -ves too in the college. laziness started to take over me. slept for hrs and hrs together. the interest with which i had a look at things when i was in school, started to fade away. The words 'Lets try it out something new' became oblivious. became fat, and eventually, as one of my friends described, i left the college as 'Yokozuna'.
Present: Worst days in my life. playing cricket has become a distant dream. The 'Jonty Rhodes' in me is no more. Probably there is a "Romesh Powar" in me right now. i meant the physique. all of my friends(school & coll) are scattered in various IT companies, some left for US. some others faces are getting blurred in my mind. i reckon that even my face is getting blurred in some of my friend's mind too.. lost touch with almost 50% of the folks. became stil more slothful, started to watch the sucking regional television channels, reaching the record number 36"(meant my hip size). With over 100 channels telecasting 100 different programs, there is a lot of option to choose. but stil that 'Rangoli' on Doordarshan was heaven.

The weekend is over. But it made no difference for me. got to start early in the morning tomo for just another day
Gonna go now and catch some sleep now.
Good night all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Super Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the Indian Premier League Finals and it was sure to transfix the eyeballs all over the world. But this post is not about the IPL Finals. With just over 3 hrs before the IPL finals, it was the turn of the SunTV to make sure it got its share of TRP as well.

Phewwwwwwwww!!!!! You got it right. The T-Rajendar special "Veerasamy".

I started to get messages(warning messages as well as 'Dont Miss it' messages) from the morning. I chose the second option. And I tell you, its absolutely worth watching it. There is no need of any laughter clubs anymore.

So, enough of hype. Will just highlight you the best scenes in the movie.
The titles of the movie starts off with the hero's name(T Rajendar) !!

First Scene:
Minister orders his rowdies to go to Veerasamy's(T Rajendar) area and get the guy who is indebted to the Minister. All the rowdies explain the Minister why they cant go there(Hype for the Hero's introduction. But truly, they dont want to see tat face of the hero).
Then we have a fight. "Varan paaru varaan paaru veerasamy". Music composed by T Rajendar. Sung by T Rajendar. The hero thrashes all the baddies in a garage. The baddies try to throw axe, gun, even bull-dozer, but nothing could stand tall in front of the hero. The axe, knife doesnt do anything to our hero. They hit his belly and falls off. Graphics : T Rajendar.
Then comes the 1st Best scene in the movie. The heroine falls in love with him and then our hero looks into her eyes and still fights(Romance aam!! Dei. Over da). She stands agape. So are we. The romance tat our hero tries to reveal is awesome. Should give Oscar for that one scene itself.

Next Scene:
Hero's sister(Thank God. Its not T Rajendar) asks him a jean and t-shirt. Then our hero starts dialogue. "Ennaku 5 vayasu irukum pothu"..(Dei.. ava Jean thaana keata, ethuku ipo history laam peasara. Samanthame ilaama ethaachum peasiye aaganama) and then finishes the dialogue after 5 mins with tears in his eyes. All the other cast get Blood in their ears. the sister
runs away to college.

Next Scene:
Then the climax fight. Our hero will run amok and ll remove his dhoti and fights and slashes with a sword on any one who comes. (Guessing who is the Stunt Master? T Rajendar). After the fight, he walks past the heroine with the dhoti in his hand held above his head. As he passes her, the dhoti wafts heroine and romance. !! (Director : Yes. T Rajendar)

Next Scene:
Hero gets her sister engaged to a guy(say "Guy1") and when the hero comes to know that she is in love with some other guy, he fights(tat was the climax fight) and then gets her married with the guy she loved. Then , relations of the Guy1 shouts at our hero tat he dint keep up his word. The next moment, our hero falls on chair and dies. Seeing this our heroine dies. Every one including the cast, laughs loud and are happy that the movie is over at last and every one prays that he dies in real life also, so that he ll nt beckon them for his next movie.

The whole movie is hilarious. political dialogues, the dance sequences(OMG!! :) :) :)). With Story, Screenplay, Direction, Production, Stunts, Lyrics, Singing, Cinematography, Lights, Costume designer, Hero, Editing,wat ever role u think off in creating a movie , T Rajendar sizzles in every aspect of the film.

I'm sorry to disappoint u guys by not detailing the whole movie. But i would strongly recommend a 'Must Watch' for this movie. If you want to add anything, please add in the comments section.

Get a DVD and watch it at home with ur frnds.