Saturday, April 25, 2009

"T.Nagar, SriLanka"

how many "yet another day" posts i m gonna write. !! i myself have got no idea. its been pretty boring as always and to work on a saturday was even boring. the heat in chennai is unbearable. 35+ deg cel always..( from morning 6 am to midnight. )

was just catching up some action with "The Big Fight" on NDTV. Topic: SriLanka issue. I hardly have any idea of the history of the tamil's sufferings in this emerald island(thou there was a lil' bit of an eye-opener by means of 'Kannathil muththamitaal'), but to see the papers with headlines "6,500 civilians killed in the last 3 months" was something that pissed me off. whether it is tamils or kannadigas or sikhs, these kind of killings need to be STOPPED.its a difficult debate to come up with a conclusion on who is responsible for all these, but i feel the govt could ve acted better with approaching this issue. A truly emotional one and these ****ing political parties have made it into a political issue and started begging for votes. *****rds !!! i m not in support of LTTE or the SL military, but if its the LTTE behind all these there is no question of destroying them completely without a trace. but if its the SL military who are on the wrong side of these ?? .... No answers !! 

Back home:
Its been close to 3 months since i moved to this so-called place called "THE T.Nagar". and for the last 3 months(or should i call it the 'Quarter' !! ) ve tortured with the noise here. living in one of the porchest areas in chennai(Adyar) for more than 8 years, it was a hard job to mentally adjust myself to this place. but truly this place really sucks.. Noise, Noise, Noises.!! People here have a 
high-decible voice and they scream for almost everything. and my family too have increased the voice level too.. to speak to my mom in the next room, i should shout at my throat to atleast have her attention !! More than the noise, the crowd that comes over here, !!  OMG !! Unbelievable !!.. and to walk thru 'the most crowded streets in the world' (wat else, Ranganathan street) daily is no joke. my first day to office from T.Nagar happened like this. 

6:00AM.. Got up, dressed neatly, polished the shoes(a big mistake ?) and stepped in the Ranganathan street. then a young north-indian guy stamped right on my feet. ..! ! WTF man !! took 5 mins for me to polish and this bloody guy took a micro-second to spoil tat 5 min effort .. and u no wat i asked 'Sorry'.. never knew why.. Professionalism?? u could call it like that. and it was that day i decided, that i shd never polish my shoes and have successfully kept my promise till date.. then i started to play a game of how many people i stamp on every day. it used to be in the negative during my early days, which typically means ppl stamp on my feet more than i do on them.. but for the past few weeks i m improving and i m becoming a 'seasoned stamper' !!!!! 
Planning to start a summer coaching camp on that. Any takers ?

Will be right back soon.!

Cheers !!