Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Rules in India

I was thinking about our great motherland 'India' yesterday nite. How good, bad, ugly it has become in time. how we escape to US or someother country for studies, work, etc(including me) .. i feel kalam's dream would be a dream with the likes of sibhusoren, our own great grandfather M Karunanidhi and all those MP's waving crores on the parliment. never know where we are going to end up... 'Change.. We believe in' is the tag we are also waiting for. A decade from now, there is stil nothing u see on the greener side for india. may be from grayer it may become blacker.. ive some rules that should be put forth by the Indian government to make ourselves better for the next gen atleast.

Rule No 1:. In my company, we have a policy. our top management's families will not make into the company. doing so may stop raising some eyebrows like 'he is the son of ... '. similarly, we should have something like no politicians family should foray into politics. (mainly targetted on karunanidhis family.)

Rule No 2: A minimum qualification of Master's should be there. And it should be from a valid univ. its not like if u have a doctrate from kalasailingam college u ll make it. or a doctrate awarded by Jeppiar will make it..

Rule No 3: Reduce the tenure of holding the office. 5 years is a long time.

Rule No 4: No on road travelling for any minister. he might be eligible enough for a helicopter either. when we have the CM or any minister on road, u ve unbelievable traffic, security and more than that u've all the sideroads illuminated with tubelights and party flags( keata, current ey illannu solla veandiyathu... ungaluke ipade panrathuku asingama illa!!) i was travelling from guindy to adyar last week when the whole stretch from guindy to Anna Univ was lit up with tubelights as our beloved CM was in Anna univ for some felicitation. that made me add this rule. Ministers vara traffic-a reduce paninaale pothum. no need for unnecessary bridges.

Rule 5: Any rowdyism will lead to non-bailable arrests and if a ruling party is proved responsible for that, the ministry should be dissolved with immediate effect and voting should take place for the next election.

Rule 6: Derived from Rule 5. All cases in court should have the end date before commencing the case. this is made to ensure that we dont have to wait for 9 years for a hit and run case or wait for 2 decades to find who killed Rajiv Gandhi. And importantly, if a terrorist is caught he should be killed then and there, not waiting for him to appear in the court and have indefinite talks with Pakistan or someother country on whether to release him or not.

Rule 7: If a judge is unfair, his immediate senior wil have the license to do whatever he wants. if he does some mistake, his sr will have the license to do anything and so on.. this hierarchy should go till the CM. if the CM himself is found with fault, it should be to the open public to decide. people are not mere puppets who vote once in 5 yrs. people should get more involved. and during this time no party should seek the support of the voters. it should not be like the elections where parties persude ppl.

Rule 8: There should be no walking out from the assembly/ parliment. those who violate should be dismissed with immediate effect and should nt take part in the next upcoming election. even if it is boring they had to stay in the assembly. We guys have been sitting in professors classroom sessions for more than 15 years, why the hell u want to leave the assembly. hear to wat the opposition had to say and place ur arguments opposing or supporting them.

Frankly however rules we make, we need the officials to be honest and fair.

I know there are a lot more that just these 8 rules. I myself have some more. will add those on course. Try adding ur thoughts too and if u think pass on the blog address to ur frnds.Lets atleast see what all ideas others have(even if doesnot get implemented).

I'm least bothered even if there are 0 comments on this post but stil lets c how many ppl comment on this.

"Lets make the rules stronger so that no one breaks them" - Sridhar :)

Dhaam Dhoom !!

When u enter the theatre, u have the thought this is one last time u r going to have a feel of Jeeva's cinematography. And he proves that too .. But does the movie really live up to its hype? Ok.. Let me analyze.

Gautam(Ravi) goes to Russia to attend a medical conference with just a couple of weeks for his marriage with Shenba(Kankana Raut). He goes there and finds himself involved in a murder of a famous Russian model. He gets caught by the 'Siripu' police of Russia( wherever it is , be it India or Russia police ll keep on chasing the hero and never gets him caught !! but this time the hero rides a bicycle with his hands cuffed and the police chase him in Ninja bikes and still cant catch him !! Tamil cinema vaazhga !) There comes the advocate ... (Forgot her name in the movie. Lakshmi Rai) to save him from this along with Jayaram (from Indian Embassy). The mystery unravels and Gautam finds that it was Jayaram who is the mastermind of the murder of the model. And there ends the story.

My Review:
1. The first half of the movie is a kind of good. with his love with shenba and a hot song !! (Azhiyile Mutkulikum... ) The first 30 mins in the movie and u ve 3 songs. Kankana looks good in certain scenes but at times overplays her role( Thank God.. its not as annoying as Genelia's in Santhosh Subramaniam)
2. Ravi does some good action sequences but still u've all those gravity defying stunts. i don no why directors still prefer impractical stunts. people have become more educated and ppl need a movie that is more realistic. Gone are those days where rajni used to jump like gold-medal olympic gymnast and ppl still yell at them. The highlight stunt is the intermission frame where Ravi is shot by a bullet and he keeps on flying as a hydrogen gas balloon. To be very frank how much ever crores the directors have, they're used to making these idiotic chasing sequences(Dasavatharam for eg.)
3. When u hear that jayaram is the villain, u think there is a twist(if u don know that he is the villain) but he never suits for the role. having seen him in panchathantram and more of a comic role, u r not able to accept this role. probably prakashraj would ve fit in much better.
4. The worst part is the climax where u don no whats happening and suddenly u ve the title song appearing on the screen and ppl moving out of the theatre when u realize that the movie is over. had jeeva been there he might have conceived it in a different and better way.
5. The best thing about the movie is the Music(i don mean the BGM. BGM is ok. not very good. it gets too noisy sometimes.) The songs are really good and good that they avoided the Uiyalo song in the movie. particulary the 'Anbe Anbe' song is picturised great. there u see Jeeva at his best.

All said, the movie is worth watching once(atleast for Jeeva and songs) as u see the cinematographer's visuals on the theatre screen for one last time.

Stars: 2/5 (Watchable once)