Thursday, October 2, 2008

Varanam Aayiram Music Review

After a record 38 hrs in the office and watching my code failing all the time, I was searching for some good songs to keep myself pumped up.

With varanam aayiram songs releasing last week, it was time i got to get used to like the songs. Gautham has always been one of the directors I've faith on. thou his last venture with sarath kumar bombed, i stil have the liking with Gautam. I'm a music freak and any good song(preferrably Tamil) is bound to get it's highest number of hit counts in my iTunes. So do varanam aayiram songs fit in there.? Lets find out song by song.(in chronological order of my hearing on the first time)

1. Yethi Yethi: This song really sucked when i heard the first time. i felt like Harris was very particular with trying something new with his Western beats and failed. but hearing on again and again during my 38 hrs tenure, this song just achieved the pass mark. A 60/100 for Yethi Yethi..
Benny is at his career best. And he does his bit with the song. Rating: 2/5 (Guess this is the introduction song for the 17 yr old surya in the movie)

2. Ava Enna: I don't know why they've tried out a gaana song!!! Gautam and Gaana ? Doesnt get along. So i hated this song. These were the first 2 songs and probably the 2 poorest songs of the album. and i got to hear them the first time itself :( Harris has nt been the best in this genre(take it in 'satyam' for eg. )but stil he tries out his hand in this kuthu genre.After consecutive failures, Karthik has sung this song. Dunno whether this song ll churn out to be a hit. Probably with the B and C audience ?
No idea really boss !!! Rating: 1.5/5

3. Nenjukkul:Hariharan is back. A slow melody this song had that Harris touch which the above two songs dint possess. some good music and great vocals from hariharan(as usual) . but the song is not a great one as his other melody types. but surely good when u keep listening to it.

4. Adiye kolluthey: The song that was released 8 months back on the net(as a 4 min song). Some really good guitar stuff. And great vocals from Krish. This song was a bit boring the first time because i've already heard it on the net 'n' times. but the final 1 min of the song which was nt released was very different. the finishing lines where krish moves into another pitch is really good. and u've Shruthihasan also play back singing in this song. Rating: 3/5

5. Oh Shanthi!! : The faster version of Nenjukkul with SPB charan lending his voice. this song is the typical harris jayaraj genre.even if u hear this song playing a kilometer far, u ll tel that the music composer is harris. harris has this typical 'cliched' music(but stil they are very good when u hear them) Rating: 3/5

6. Annul Meale:(this song review by my mom) a melody sung by Carnatic vocalist 'Sudha Ragunathan'. my mom gave a thumbs up after hearing to the song. the song could have been even better if harris had chosen his favourite singer 'Bombay jayashree' instead. i reckon harris wantedly kept bombay jayashree out of this song, as he had been making her sing for each and every album of his. but stil a really good number from harris. Rating:3.5/5

7. Mundhinam: by far the best song of the album. thanks to ARR for using a lot of strings in his songs. a lot of ppl(including harris) has started to use them very well. the voice of nareshiyer is simply awesome. the huskiness in his voice really strikes u when u r hearing to the song. the first stanza where naresh sings the most is scintillating. this one has topped my charts in iTunes.
A easy 4/5 rating. (1 for harris + 2 for naresh + 1 more for harris choosing naresh)

ARR has a really one differentiating factor from other music directors. the voice casting by ARR is simply brilliant. no other music director uses the singer so well as ARR. i had never liked Madhusree singing a song. her song in 'pachaikili ... '(unakul naane) wasn't good either. but ARR used her to the best in 'Marudhaani' in which I loved her voice.

All said songs are good in Varanam, if u keep listening to them. but would they become chartbusters like 'Taxi Taxi','Kangal Irundal' .?? ?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Rules in India

I was thinking about our great motherland 'India' yesterday nite. How good, bad, ugly it has become in time. how we escape to US or someother country for studies, work, etc(including me) .. i feel kalam's dream would be a dream with the likes of sibhusoren, our own great grandfather M Karunanidhi and all those MP's waving crores on the parliment. never know where we are going to end up... 'Change.. We believe in' is the tag we are also waiting for. A decade from now, there is stil nothing u see on the greener side for india. may be from grayer it may become blacker.. ive some rules that should be put forth by the Indian government to make ourselves better for the next gen atleast.

Rule No 1:. In my company, we have a policy. our top management's families will not make into the company. doing so may stop raising some eyebrows like 'he is the son of ... '. similarly, we should have something like no politicians family should foray into politics. (mainly targetted on karunanidhis family.)

Rule No 2: A minimum qualification of Master's should be there. And it should be from a valid univ. its not like if u have a doctrate from kalasailingam college u ll make it. or a doctrate awarded by Jeppiar will make it..

Rule No 3: Reduce the tenure of holding the office. 5 years is a long time.

Rule No 4: No on road travelling for any minister. he might be eligible enough for a helicopter either. when we have the CM or any minister on road, u ve unbelievable traffic, security and more than that u've all the sideroads illuminated with tubelights and party flags( keata, current ey illannu solla veandiyathu... ungaluke ipade panrathuku asingama illa!!) i was travelling from guindy to adyar last week when the whole stretch from guindy to Anna Univ was lit up with tubelights as our beloved CM was in Anna univ for some felicitation. that made me add this rule. Ministers vara traffic-a reduce paninaale pothum. no need for unnecessary bridges.

Rule 5: Any rowdyism will lead to non-bailable arrests and if a ruling party is proved responsible for that, the ministry should be dissolved with immediate effect and voting should take place for the next election.

Rule 6: Derived from Rule 5. All cases in court should have the end date before commencing the case. this is made to ensure that we dont have to wait for 9 years for a hit and run case or wait for 2 decades to find who killed Rajiv Gandhi. And importantly, if a terrorist is caught he should be killed then and there, not waiting for him to appear in the court and have indefinite talks with Pakistan or someother country on whether to release him or not.

Rule 7: If a judge is unfair, his immediate senior wil have the license to do whatever he wants. if he does some mistake, his sr will have the license to do anything and so on.. this hierarchy should go till the CM. if the CM himself is found with fault, it should be to the open public to decide. people are not mere puppets who vote once in 5 yrs. people should get more involved. and during this time no party should seek the support of the voters. it should not be like the elections where parties persude ppl.

Rule 8: There should be no walking out from the assembly/ parliment. those who violate should be dismissed with immediate effect and should nt take part in the next upcoming election. even if it is boring they had to stay in the assembly. We guys have been sitting in professors classroom sessions for more than 15 years, why the hell u want to leave the assembly. hear to wat the opposition had to say and place ur arguments opposing or supporting them.

Frankly however rules we make, we need the officials to be honest and fair.

I know there are a lot more that just these 8 rules. I myself have some more. will add those on course. Try adding ur thoughts too and if u think pass on the blog address to ur frnds.Lets atleast see what all ideas others have(even if doesnot get implemented).

I'm least bothered even if there are 0 comments on this post but stil lets c how many ppl comment on this.

"Lets make the rules stronger so that no one breaks them" - Sridhar :)

Dhaam Dhoom !!

When u enter the theatre, u have the thought this is one last time u r going to have a feel of Jeeva's cinematography. And he proves that too .. But does the movie really live up to its hype? Ok.. Let me analyze.

Gautam(Ravi) goes to Russia to attend a medical conference with just a couple of weeks for his marriage with Shenba(Kankana Raut). He goes there and finds himself involved in a murder of a famous Russian model. He gets caught by the 'Siripu' police of Russia( wherever it is , be it India or Russia police ll keep on chasing the hero and never gets him caught !! but this time the hero rides a bicycle with his hands cuffed and the police chase him in Ninja bikes and still cant catch him !! Tamil cinema vaazhga !) There comes the advocate ... (Forgot her name in the movie. Lakshmi Rai) to save him from this along with Jayaram (from Indian Embassy). The mystery unravels and Gautam finds that it was Jayaram who is the mastermind of the murder of the model. And there ends the story.

My Review:
1. The first half of the movie is a kind of good. with his love with shenba and a hot song !! (Azhiyile Mutkulikum... ) The first 30 mins in the movie and u ve 3 songs. Kankana looks good in certain scenes but at times overplays her role( Thank God.. its not as annoying as Genelia's in Santhosh Subramaniam)
2. Ravi does some good action sequences but still u've all those gravity defying stunts. i don no why directors still prefer impractical stunts. people have become more educated and ppl need a movie that is more realistic. Gone are those days where rajni used to jump like gold-medal olympic gymnast and ppl still yell at them. The highlight stunt is the intermission frame where Ravi is shot by a bullet and he keeps on flying as a hydrogen gas balloon. To be very frank how much ever crores the directors have, they're used to making these idiotic chasing sequences(Dasavatharam for eg.)
3. When u hear that jayaram is the villain, u think there is a twist(if u don know that he is the villain) but he never suits for the role. having seen him in panchathantram and more of a comic role, u r not able to accept this role. probably prakashraj would ve fit in much better.
4. The worst part is the climax where u don no whats happening and suddenly u ve the title song appearing on the screen and ppl moving out of the theatre when u realize that the movie is over. had jeeva been there he might have conceived it in a different and better way.
5. The best thing about the movie is the Music(i don mean the BGM. BGM is ok. not very good. it gets too noisy sometimes.) The songs are really good and good that they avoided the Uiyalo song in the movie. particulary the 'Anbe Anbe' song is picturised great. there u see Jeeva at his best.

All said, the movie is worth watching once(atleast for Jeeva and songs) as u see the cinematographer's visuals on the theatre screen for one last time.

Stars: 2/5 (Watchable once)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

*@#%$^& !!!!

A lot of us have felt it. blogged about it. spoke about it to our frnds. how the life has suddenly made a U-turn and now heading towards the worst days our lives. its been one year in the s/w industry and i m hating it to the Core.. 'TO THE CORE'... !!!!

Cliched life, boring characters as PM's , over enthusiastic colleagues in the fun club of our organization trying to create some kind of joyous environment. I hate it. Fun should come by itself. You don't have to create fun. College. !! There was no special committee for fun. it just happened.. thats it. it was fun when someone failed in the mid-term exams. it was fun when we bunked the classes and roamed. it was fun when someone was chucked out of the class by the professor. it was fun when there during the celebration for someone's bday. it was fun during the exams, fun during the placement preparations. fun even when our performance in the culturals was declared the Worst.

Company has made me sick. the first thot when my cell phone alarm starts to buzz at 5 45 in the morning is, 'F**k!!' .. Life has become so monotonous. Much worse than when i wrote 'Just another day'.. Projects, deadlines, build failures, testcasesl, .... I feel like shouting 'Give me some break'. Just feel like resigning the job.. But the next moment, the question arises 'And then wat r u going to do??'.

Many of my frnds hate the Software Industry. As far as my knowledge, atleast all the guys with whom i ve met told me that 'I dont feel like working here'. The survey results when i queried them whether they hated sortware industry was 100%. Believe me.!! Its a cent percent. The survey includes ppl from TCS till Oracle... So wat are these chunk of ppl(including me) doing here. Living a life for the society. Thats all about it.

I never want to show off that i m a software engineer. i regret being a SE. Hours of peeping into the monitor screen with the green, blue, pink-colored codes in Visual Studio makes me dull. one fine day, a Business Analyst comes and tells, "Project with no specific requirements, design, technology needs to be completed in 2 months. " ..WTF man !! Boring. Boring. Boring. I've changed completely. I've become so silent at home nowadays. Im too tired even to speak. The FM and the Music Player in my Cell Phone are my best companions. And Bosskey's show in FM in the evening is the one that brings some smile in my face.

At last, thanks for reading a cliched post about a thoroughly boring life..

Monday, June 30, 2008

OMG !!!!!!!! Itzzz me !!!!!!!! :(


This pic was taken by Sathya Priya during the Hyderabad trip!!

Look at the person behind the fish tank !! Itzzz me!!

And do i look too fat because of the magnifying effect of the fish tank or am I really too fat ?? :(

I myself don't know. Going to check out in the mirror !! :( :( :(

Tag ??

To be very honest, when i read Vignesh's comments "..I ve tagged u", I dint even have a scintilla of idea of wat it is. Tagged ?? But yes, with surfing thru the blogs(as i ve no other job to do) came to know wat its all about !! :)

6 whatevers about me
1. Wanted to be a singer in Tamil Cinema, but as 80% of ppl, ended up in Software industry spending almost 60% of my Software Life in "Bench"..
2. Entered the record books yesterday, celebrating the 150th day in the bench.
3. Hard-core, die-hard music freak. You can never find me without ear fones . Almost 15 hrs a day with my iPod. Music I like : ARRahman, Linkin Park, Fort Minor and some Bolly songs. (Even now, songs of 'Dhaam Dhoom' are in background :)
4. A good orator.
5. A gourmand of Vegeterian food.(esp my mom's)
6. If u ask me wat i do on weekends, this is the answer.
A : Option 5 followed by a nap for 5 hrs. :) There is no word called 'insomnia' in my dictionary.

5 things i miss
if u have read my prev posts "How to name it?" u might be knowing it. still, i ll jot down here too.

1. My school and College pals( if any of u are reading this, 'Miss u guys')
2. 'Jonty Rhodes' Sridhar
3. College and Hostel(Includes cultural preps, calculator for english exams, fights with buddies, Hostel food, Industrial Visits, late nite preparation, ridiculing teachers.. wil stop here )
4. N.M.Bakery, Chilli Gobi shops in Coimbatore.

5. Me ...

10 things i want to achieve in a decade

Within 1 month: Give my GRE and get a decent score and get into US Univ
1 year : Fly to US
3 years: Complete my Masters degree in US and get a good job
4 years: Watch Boxing day Ashes test, Euro 2012 live!!!!
5 years: A world tour :)
6 years: Meet ..... :) (Its understood)
7 years: Have a rendezvous of college friends in Switzerland :)
8 years: Get a BMW. If not BMW, atleast Tata 'Nano'
9 years: Become a professor
10 years: Settle in Adyar,Chennai(God knows wat ll b the land rates by then) with my parents.

Book tag

Sorry guys, I could find only 'Mangayar Malar' near me. So posting that itself.

Sri Gomathi Sankar Catering Service. Master Cook Catering Contractors. Samayal Chakravarthy 'Mambalam' G Sankar Iyer

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Spec'-tacular day

This Monday started off quite differently and I ve been waiting for it to come. want to know the reason? got a new pair of specs.

its not because tat i wanted to show off on Monday. its because it had cost me 4.5K :( and i wanted to check whether it was worth tat much and if ppl could recognize tat and tell me 'Hey. the specs looks great','Dude!! Got a new specs eh?'.

Started early. Everything looked perfect, clear under the brand new lenses. tried to look at the distant objects and read the registration numbers of the vehicles tat passed by. Everything was crystal clear. This glass fitted much better than the previous one.

Reached the office and was desperately waiting for someone to ask me about it .. None even gave a thot bout it.
Had breakfast with one of my colleague. he started off saying "Hey... ". And the next moment i was on my feet, asking him "ya. tell me dude".

"Did u watch Euro 2008? . Interesting match. 2 goals in the last 5 mins by Turkey"

"Ooooooh.. No, man. went to get my eyes checked up in the evening for a new specs, so couldnt watch it", tried to again notify him about the specs.

"So wat man!! the match was in the nite only"

I knew 2 things for sure
a) He is not going to leave me until I tell him tat I dont have a set-top box
b) He is not going to tell anything about the new specs too

I answered him with option a) and left to my place.

came to my place, then got a call from my home.
"Hello!! " it was my sis at the other end.
"Yup!! tell me"

"Hey I think you took my specs by mistake. Just check it", she said.

I was taken aback completely and then found that she was correct. Both of our specs were similar, and drowsy start from home at 6 30 am, led it to this confusion.

The moment I kept the phone down, one of my other colleague came and "New frameless glass!! How much !! ? "
"Brought my specs wrongly. this is my sister's"
he burst out into a guffaw. i got irritated, but i cant do anything. so there was a chuckle from my side. with strict instructions from my sister not to wear the specs, questions like "Are u wearing Contact lenses?" started to come in from other colleagues.

the rest of the day had been the exact opposite of how it all started.
blurred images, hazy registration number on the vehicles, ghostly appearance of people was all i could see. was circumspect on each n every step, hoping that i wouldnt stamp on the stray dog lying on the roadside, or much worse, stamp on ***t. with me eyes watching so carefully,my eyebrows almost kissed each other.

In fact, my eye-sight is not that poor, but i felt i wasn't complete without my specs.
I thought i could find out the answer today. While starting to office today, made sure tat I've my specs and wore it.

Its been 6 hrs since i came to the office and as usual, no one cared about it :( and I found out the answer ...

U ?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Its Kamal all the way !!!!!!!

When I write this post, I hope there would've been a thousands similar to this.

Watched 'Dasavatharam' today @ Mayajaal for 220. (Rs 80/- for Snacks. And you know what the snacks are? Pepsi My Can, 5 Rs Ruffles pack, and popcorn). But stil, I never wanted to miss even a single frame in this movie, so made sure all my fnds are ready well before. Reached mayajaal one hr earlier. And now, about the movie. This post is not going to be on the story of 'Dasavatharam'. You can call it as an analysis of the movie.

I dint have much expectation before I went inside the theatre. I knew all these hypes surrounding ll lead to great expectation and out-of-the-box imagination. But I would say one thing for sure, this movie is far better than Rajni and Shankar combo 'Sivaji'.

Things I liked in the movie:

1) Obviously Kamal. The strenous effort he has put to make this whole movie come alive. I liked the characterization of 'Fletcher' Kamal, 'Balram Naidu' Kamal. He does all the 10 characters with such ease and brilliance.

2) They tried to keep the story intact avoiding some crappy duets in-between. And thank God, they dint include 'Oh oh Sanama' song by Himesh.

3) The unexpected character in the form of M S Bhaskar. :) Amazing guy. The slang of English he speaks is sure to keep you giggling. One eg. when he almost escapes an accident and then he tells 'Fletcher' Kamal that "mayirezhailla naan thapichean" and when 'Fletcher' Kamal asks him what it means, "Hair thread la I escapedu". its simply awesome.(May be it might not look that good when u read it here)

4) The second half scenes with 3 or 4 Kamal's in one scene is really good. There are times where you dont feel like you are watching 3 or 4 of them on the screen.

5) The dialogues in the second half with the 'Afghan' Kamal, Kamal and Asin has the 'crazy' touch, but at times u feel that it is overdozed.

6) The ease with which Kamal delivers the dialogues with different slangs for 'Bush' and 'Fletcher' is really amazing. The voice modulation, whether it is for 'Naidu' Kamal or 'Vincent' kamal or for the 'Rangarajan Nambi' is simply brilliant.

Things I dint like much in the movie:

1) The much expected 'Tsunami' scenes. Its the worst graphics in the whole movie. There are probably very few frames in the 'Tsunami' sequence which u can believe. For the money that has been spent on this movie, this should have been taken care of.

2) The same movie could have well been made of 3 Kamals instead. 'Fletcher','Naidu' and the original Kamal. Just to support the name, the other 7 have been introduced.

3) There was no need of the 12th century story. It remains so unconnected to the story.

4) Music has not been that impressive in the movie as expected. Some background musics are good, but it fails throughout the movie. especially the song of 'Mallika Sherawat' is very bad.

5) Once Asin makes into the screen, Kamal just goes behind her asking her(infact pleading her) to give the idol which has the vial. With something very serious in it, he could have given a slap and taken it or the scene could have been changed to something else to be more logical.

6) 'Bush' Kamal is the worst of the 10 avatars. i expected much from this character, and it failed miserably.

But this movie is really worth watching once.(If you are an ardent Kamal fan, even twice) Atleast the story is not the same as other indian movies. hero chasing villain, winning him in the end, 3-4 duets, 3-4 fights, one kuththu song. with the concept of bio-war already made its entry thru' the movie 'E' , this just wraps the same concept with 10 Kamals.

I go for 3 stars out of 5 for Kamal's Dasavatharam and a thumbs-up for Kamal's commendable performance.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to name it ?

Its a beautiful Sunday evening. Its been pretty cool in chennai today. I'm confused whether to study for my GRE, or go to sleep :). With the AC on and ARR's 'Jaane Tu..' and 'Ada' songs in background, its certainly is difficult to choose option 1 and option 2. so started blogging.
being indolent, and obsessed with cursing the boredom, i get stuck in my room.
Tracing back my steps,
10 Years ago : Can be called as the 'Bestest days of my life'. School has always been memorable for all of us(or atleast many of us). Sunday early morning beach-bet-match cricket with the other class, getting wounded on the knee and the elbow, The beach side Lime juice(=brackkish sea water) for 1Re. , watching Junoon and Rangoli on Doordarshan, it all looks like a great amount of fun now. i'm sure that i wont get back those days. Priceless. I looked like a polio attacked child that time. so thin and lean, as if i would break down into bones if someone hits me hard. was christened as 'Jonty Rhodes' for my exceptional fieding. that was my first degree !! Moved to a new house in adyar for my XI and XII. made a lot of great friends over there. mimicked the teachers during the free hours, biting the nails before the PT classes to avoid getting beatings from the PT master for not keeping the hands clean, the 30-cm long wooden scale, taking 5 pens, 5 pencils, 3 rubbers, 2 ink pens, geometry box(on a whole, a stationary shop itself) for the exam, was all unforgettable.
5 years ago: came the 'best days of life'. College. started to live alone. 'politics' was the new find in the college. working so hard to make one of my best friend as the college chairman, picking up quarrels with one of the impertinent staffs(Ramakrishnan) of my dept became a routine, advising the juniors as if i'm a 'Management Guru', convincing and wheedling students to attend department function,i became pretty familiar figure within my dept. with some positives, there was an equal share of -ves too in the college. laziness started to take over me. slept for hrs and hrs together. the interest with which i had a look at things when i was in school, started to fade away. The words 'Lets try it out something new' became oblivious. became fat, and eventually, as one of my friends described, i left the college as 'Yokozuna'.
Present: Worst days in my life. playing cricket has become a distant dream. The 'Jonty Rhodes' in me is no more. Probably there is a "Romesh Powar" in me right now. i meant the physique. all of my friends(school & coll) are scattered in various IT companies, some left for US. some others faces are getting blurred in my mind. i reckon that even my face is getting blurred in some of my friend's mind too.. lost touch with almost 50% of the folks. became stil more slothful, started to watch the sucking regional television channels, reaching the record number 36"(meant my hip size). With over 100 channels telecasting 100 different programs, there is a lot of option to choose. but stil that 'Rangoli' on Doordarshan was heaven.

The weekend is over. But it made no difference for me. got to start early in the morning tomo for just another day
Gonna go now and catch some sleep now.
Good night all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Super Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the Indian Premier League Finals and it was sure to transfix the eyeballs all over the world. But this post is not about the IPL Finals. With just over 3 hrs before the IPL finals, it was the turn of the SunTV to make sure it got its share of TRP as well.

Phewwwwwwwww!!!!! You got it right. The T-Rajendar special "Veerasamy".

I started to get messages(warning messages as well as 'Dont Miss it' messages) from the morning. I chose the second option. And I tell you, its absolutely worth watching it. There is no need of any laughter clubs anymore.

So, enough of hype. Will just highlight you the best scenes in the movie.
The titles of the movie starts off with the hero's name(T Rajendar) !!

First Scene:
Minister orders his rowdies to go to Veerasamy's(T Rajendar) area and get the guy who is indebted to the Minister. All the rowdies explain the Minister why they cant go there(Hype for the Hero's introduction. But truly, they dont want to see tat face of the hero).
Then we have a fight. "Varan paaru varaan paaru veerasamy". Music composed by T Rajendar. Sung by T Rajendar. The hero thrashes all the baddies in a garage. The baddies try to throw axe, gun, even bull-dozer, but nothing could stand tall in front of the hero. The axe, knife doesnt do anything to our hero. They hit his belly and falls off. Graphics : T Rajendar.
Then comes the 1st Best scene in the movie. The heroine falls in love with him and then our hero looks into her eyes and still fights(Romance aam!! Dei. Over da). She stands agape. So are we. The romance tat our hero tries to reveal is awesome. Should give Oscar for that one scene itself.

Next Scene:
Hero's sister(Thank God. Its not T Rajendar) asks him a jean and t-shirt. Then our hero starts dialogue. "Ennaku 5 vayasu irukum pothu"..(Dei.. ava Jean thaana keata, ethuku ipo history laam peasara. Samanthame ilaama ethaachum peasiye aaganama) and then finishes the dialogue after 5 mins with tears in his eyes. All the other cast get Blood in their ears. the sister
runs away to college.

Next Scene:
Then the climax fight. Our hero will run amok and ll remove his dhoti and fights and slashes with a sword on any one who comes. (Guessing who is the Stunt Master? T Rajendar). After the fight, he walks past the heroine with the dhoti in his hand held above his head. As he passes her, the dhoti wafts heroine and romance. !! (Director : Yes. T Rajendar)

Next Scene:
Hero gets her sister engaged to a guy(say "Guy1") and when the hero comes to know that she is in love with some other guy, he fights(tat was the climax fight) and then gets her married with the guy she loved. Then , relations of the Guy1 shouts at our hero tat he dint keep up his word. The next moment, our hero falls on chair and dies. Seeing this our heroine dies. Every one including the cast, laughs loud and are happy that the movie is over at last and every one prays that he dies in real life also, so that he ll nt beckon them for his next movie.

The whole movie is hilarious. political dialogues, the dance sequences(OMG!! :) :) :)). With Story, Screenplay, Direction, Production, Stunts, Lyrics, Singing, Cinematography, Lights, Costume designer, Hero, Editing,wat ever role u think off in creating a movie , T Rajendar sizzles in every aspect of the film.

I'm sorry to disappoint u guys by not detailing the whole movie. But i would strongly recommend a 'Must Watch' for this movie. If you want to add anything, please add in the comments section.

Get a DVD and watch it at home with ur frnds.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The "AWFUL" train journey

Yesterday was just another day as usual. Not much of a change. Completed with my usual routine in the office and started to catch my train at 5 05. We have to take the company cab to reach the station.The office is located about 4 Kms from the station. Okie. Enough of geography.

I was waiting for the train at the station when a dozen buses of Infy made a screeching sound of the brakes and stopped near the station. (Oops, I'm sorry. Forgot to leave u an information. Infy is just opposite to my company) We waited for almost 20 mins and as expected the train came 10 mins late and another half a dozen Infy buses unloaded.

"Oh, no. Today its gonna be a difficult to get a seat in the train", I thought.

People were standing on the edge of the platform, peeping through, checking whether the train is on its way. And yeah, there it was. The train slowly emerged to my sight and a swarm of people started to gather near the train as it neared the platform.

The train was fastened with the 'Chennai Super Kings' poster allover. Dhoni, hayden, Murali became warriors with those posters. The driver honked the horn as loud as he can, and the train passed me and the intensity of the sound slowly faded. The train decreased its speed before it could halt and everyone started to take positions , as if they are saving a corner kick from Ryan Giggs. I took a few steps back to see whats happening on all the other compartments. The scenes were the same, except that even the amazons were getting ready to make their move. One difference, they were waiting near the Ladies compartment.

There was a lady waiting near the General compartment, and she stood beside me. "Thank God. Not all people are indecent. And she looks like a Project Manager, should be decent", I thought.

The train came to a stop.

Thats it. !!! I stood there in aghast. These "Software Engineers" were swarming inside the train like the bees from the beehive. The entrance to the train can allow only 2 ppl to get in at a time, and then there were 6-7 ppl trying to get in and get the Window seat.

"Hey, you guys are Software Engineers.", I wanted to shout, but kept my voice low enough tat only my ears could hear those words. People inside the train saw these and made a smile.

Atlast, after a minute of utter disorder, it was time for me to get in the train try to get some seat. I was feeling mentally tired after a lot of thinking about all these that happened just a min before.
"Okie. Get in", I told myself. Took my bag and made an entry to the train. A fella turned towards me and smiled. I couldn't understand the meaning of it. I started my hunt for a seat. There was just one seat at the end of compartment. I started towards the seat and then suddenly I saw a white cloth on the seat. I was about to sit, when the person next to me told "Cant you see the Kerchief. Reserved".. "What the ****??? ",I almost shouted at him. "That person is coming here", he told pointing his index finger towards the other end of the compartment. I turned my head towards his finger direction.

And there came this Miss/Mrs. Decent Project manager.

"Oh.. ", I told him. thou i was telling all the bad words i cud remember in my mind.

The guy started to speak something technical and started to use his software jargons"best practice, client focussed, best practice, bench mark, value add". He was trying to wheedle her, might be for his appraisal.

I started to make my walk back to the entrance(Of course, to stand near the entrance. Where else?). The guy who smiled at me(when I entered the train) smiled again. I could understand the meaning of it now. He was smiling as if he has won $100,000,000 and I lost $100,000,000. I tried to avoid him.

The train journey sucked as usual, the train stopping almost at every signal to let the other trains pass-by. I got a seat in the very next station.

I was about to get down at the Guindy station and I found a similar scene about to happen there too. Yes. The train came to a halt and then the approach of the people were the same. People who boarded the train were mostly vendors, poor.

When I got down, I just could find slightest of the difference between folks who boarded with me from the office and people who boarded at Guindy.

The former were equipped with .NET, Java in their brain and with ID cards around their neck.

I couldn't find any more difference. Can you ? Please leave a comment of the same then

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today was just another day !!!

Its now 3.00 pm and I'm rite now sitting in my cubicle in the office, blogging and waiting for my 4th cup of Tea for the day(Still 2 more to go before i leave). Have been absolutely jobless(in Software jargon 'Bench') for more than 4 months and hoping every minute that soon I will get some work and awaiting the weekend like a kid waiting for its summer hols.

I absolutely have no idea why I'm coming to office(but still come for the sake of the attendance that is been kept track). Still worse is, my office is around 60 kms from my residence. Since Chennai is yet to get the Bullet trains, it takes an hour and a half to reach the office in the electric train(You can calculate the speed). And the only entertainment in the train is iPod(Thanks, Apple :) )

I've met a lot of ppl who have gained a lot of experience in Bench. I hope in years to come, s/w industry will be looking for people who might have a lot of experience in that. Its a proof that you have a lot of patience. Sometimes I even had thot of quitting the job and doing something else. But the organization is ready to pay for the time I'm investing in playing TT, watching movie, chatting in the cafeteria. So why shd I lose that too !! :)

Life has become so predictable for me. Every day I'm certain of the things i'm gonna do and people I'm gonna meet. Keep checking mails, changing the desktop background(recently i've one T Rajendar* pic as my desktop background), add album art to my new albums in iTunes, browse thru the iTunes store, play a couple of games of TT with my peer bench-mates, check whether XP is working fine by overloading it and shout at it when it gets slowed down, showing off what song I'm hearing to thru gTalk to my friends online.. Its all the same thing...

And yup, its now time for TT, and my peer bench-mates are getting geared up for the game already..

Hoping for things to change pretty soon !!!!!!!!!!! :( (Except the TT) :) :)

* - For ppl who dont know who/what T Rajendar is, please google it and find out. Its worth the search. It would be better if u cud do a image search and find out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Does IPL deserve the hype ?

Its been half way through the IPL and it had had its percentage of Masala content already and people are happy to see a different kind of movie altogether. Cheerleaders doing the Dancing part, Harbhajan taking care of the Action department. Sreesanth with his emotional touch, Vijay Mallya taking care of some good screenplay like sacking the officials, its all happening in IPL.

Like most of the reality shows(which are 'blatantly fake'), IPL also had its share of commercial element. Viewers are caught in a dilemma of whether they are watching a sport or some commercial reality show.

But is the hype and hoopla given to IPL, well deserved ?

I've a instinctive feeling that all these matches are already fixed and what people watch from the stadium or on the worst sport telecasting channel (Set Max) are just a well-rehearsed replay. ICL which had been the first to come up with the tournament of this sort, Mr Modi(Commissioner of IPL) had made a utter remake of the original version. ICL is like Don with Amitabh and IPL is the same 'Don' with SRK with extra glitz and glam quotient. And SRK has done that already cheering for his team !!! IPL clearly have shown that cricket is not just mere sport, where u lose a series and still u can stay happily without much concern,it has become business and some of the teams have started to feel the heat of their owners. Vijay Mallya sacking the CEO and SRK sacking some of its players, so the players are now more answerable and overt.

With the franchisees spending Crores of money for their team, its a jubilation time for BCCI and IPL. The hype and grandness with which IPL kicked off had certainly come down, as they have started to become very much monotonous, and people have started to switch back to their eye-watering mega-serials and reality shows. With IPL jeopardizing the mega serials, one thing is sure.The latter are sure to come back with more emotional content to keep up their TRP :(

And it is not for the quality of cricket that people turn out in huge numbers. It is to witness their stars on the field and film stars off the field. On quality of cricket I would better choose ICL than IPL. And "Cricketainment" is the perfect synonym for IPL.

But still with so much not-so-good about the IPL, it still has brought something that might have never happened. Sachin-Jayasuriya opening the batting, foreign players working with the local lads, some of the local players and not-so-familiar foreign players(Shaun Marsh) coming into the spotlight.

IPL has started to cloy with the audience. But will the IPL juggernaut continue? only time can answer that !! Lets wait

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


In today's world, we get so obsessed with a lot of things which are needless. We are living under a shell, drawing a line and curbing ourselves within that line. I was thinking about all these in my life and then came up with this post on 'BREAKING THE SHELL'.

So how do these shells and lines get formed !! ? If we could find out the source of the problem,its more simpler to unravel. And the answer what I found out was, "Fear of failure".

There have been a lot of instances in my own life(and some in ur life too) where I've had a fear of failing and never even tried to cross the line.

For eg, I've been wanting to start writing a blog for over 5 or 6 months. I had enuf topics to tell you all, I had even opened Blogspot umpteen number of times and typed a line or two , but dint complete them. Its because of "Fear of criticism". I used to think what ppl might comment after reading my blog,will they give good comments, and such irrelevant thots that restricted me frm blogging.

Another one eg. I dint know to ride a bike, I've never even tried to ride once. I was having the fear that I might fall, ppl might laugh at me, I might get hurt etc. but all these thoughts make no sense when you have not faced them all. And yes, I did ride once(tat too very recently) and was pretty good.

"So wat are we supposed to do to Break the Shell?". This is the big question.
"Take up the challenge." Thats it . Have a game of YOU vs YOUR FEAR. And if you lose, choose to have another one :). if you fail in the first time itself,you'll feel like you are never gonna make it and the shell becomes stronger. Never let that happen and make a strong comeback. And if you win once, YOUR FEAR will lose forever. So its just that one win that you are looking for to break the shell.

You just have one life to live.
" Live it!!!! "

Note : I'm still breaking my shells. I'm not a person without any fears. I still have a small fear of what comments i m gonna get :), but yet I've given a try atleast. Thats more important. I like this line from Robin Sharma's 'The Greatness Guide':"Riskless living is the biggest risk" , so take qualified risks and break the shells...

Dont forget to leave a comment :)

My First weblog

Hi all,
I always love to read blogs, but writing one had been tough. I started off writing a blog during my college and stopped it after my very first post. After sometime, I again wanted to continue writing, but my gmail id got hacked and eventually the interest had gone.

So I'm again here starting afresh and hopefully the interest continues for quite sometime !!
[atleast till this gmail id gets hacked :)]