Thursday, October 2, 2008

Varanam Aayiram Music Review

After a record 38 hrs in the office and watching my code failing all the time, I was searching for some good songs to keep myself pumped up.

With varanam aayiram songs releasing last week, it was time i got to get used to like the songs. Gautham has always been one of the directors I've faith on. thou his last venture with sarath kumar bombed, i stil have the liking with Gautam. I'm a music freak and any good song(preferrably Tamil) is bound to get it's highest number of hit counts in my iTunes. So do varanam aayiram songs fit in there.? Lets find out song by song.(in chronological order of my hearing on the first time)

1. Yethi Yethi: This song really sucked when i heard the first time. i felt like Harris was very particular with trying something new with his Western beats and failed. but hearing on again and again during my 38 hrs tenure, this song just achieved the pass mark. A 60/100 for Yethi Yethi..
Benny is at his career best. And he does his bit with the song. Rating: 2/5 (Guess this is the introduction song for the 17 yr old surya in the movie)

2. Ava Enna: I don't know why they've tried out a gaana song!!! Gautam and Gaana ? Doesnt get along. So i hated this song. These were the first 2 songs and probably the 2 poorest songs of the album. and i got to hear them the first time itself :( Harris has nt been the best in this genre(take it in 'satyam' for eg. )but stil he tries out his hand in this kuthu genre.After consecutive failures, Karthik has sung this song. Dunno whether this song ll churn out to be a hit. Probably with the B and C audience ?
No idea really boss !!! Rating: 1.5/5

3. Nenjukkul:Hariharan is back. A slow melody this song had that Harris touch which the above two songs dint possess. some good music and great vocals from hariharan(as usual) . but the song is not a great one as his other melody types. but surely good when u keep listening to it.

4. Adiye kolluthey: The song that was released 8 months back on the net(as a 4 min song). Some really good guitar stuff. And great vocals from Krish. This song was a bit boring the first time because i've already heard it on the net 'n' times. but the final 1 min of the song which was nt released was very different. the finishing lines where krish moves into another pitch is really good. and u've Shruthihasan also play back singing in this song. Rating: 3/5

5. Oh Shanthi!! : The faster version of Nenjukkul with SPB charan lending his voice. this song is the typical harris jayaraj genre.even if u hear this song playing a kilometer far, u ll tel that the music composer is harris. harris has this typical 'cliched' music(but stil they are very good when u hear them) Rating: 3/5

6. Annul Meale:(this song review by my mom) a melody sung by Carnatic vocalist 'Sudha Ragunathan'. my mom gave a thumbs up after hearing to the song. the song could have been even better if harris had chosen his favourite singer 'Bombay jayashree' instead. i reckon harris wantedly kept bombay jayashree out of this song, as he had been making her sing for each and every album of his. but stil a really good number from harris. Rating:3.5/5

7. Mundhinam: by far the best song of the album. thanks to ARR for using a lot of strings in his songs. a lot of ppl(including harris) has started to use them very well. the voice of nareshiyer is simply awesome. the huskiness in his voice really strikes u when u r hearing to the song. the first stanza where naresh sings the most is scintillating. this one has topped my charts in iTunes.
A easy 4/5 rating. (1 for harris + 2 for naresh + 1 more for harris choosing naresh)

ARR has a really one differentiating factor from other music directors. the voice casting by ARR is simply brilliant. no other music director uses the singer so well as ARR. i had never liked Madhusree singing a song. her song in 'pachaikili ... '(unakul naane) wasn't good either. but ARR used her to the best in 'Marudhaani' in which I loved her voice.

All said songs are good in Varanam, if u keep listening to them. but would they become chartbusters like 'Taxi Taxi','Kangal Irundal' .?? ?