Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence day with News Channel

i've never been "the" partiotic citizen of India. its been 62 years since independence and wat status have we got apart from being called "corrupt nation", "polluted nation", "most populated". there is nothing for which india can be really proud of. atleast to my knowledge. Foreigners come over here just to click a pic of this poor country. the heritage/culture comes secondary to them and we give a damn about all these.

was watching tv today morning and i was really happy to see this program called "jai jawan" in NDTV. the program showed the life of army ppl at kargil and a chat with the jawans who were involved in the kargil war. i sit here happily blogging because of some one who i never knew/who i might even never meet in my life fighting for my safety. when i was watching that program came a breaking news "SRK detained at US airport" and the program ended soon and the news reporters got a good piece of commerical news with which they can keep up the TRP ratings of their channel. and then the reported suddenly shifted gears and started "breaking news coming in just now. King khan is detained at the US airport because of his surname".. and then we have the whole set of jobless bollywood fraternity in front of the media mikes shouting at their pitch of why US shouldnt have dont it.

Grow up, guys. whats your problem. as if no other person in the whole world have ever been questioned in such a manner. if it was not for King Khan and if Mr.AAA Khan was questioned by the US, would the media be following them as well. ?? whats so spl about this person who knows nothing other than crying on screen. and what i hated most was that SRK himself called each and every news channel and started sharing his 2 hrs interrogation. and the news channel had their day. "SRK spoke exclusively to Headlines Today". "CNN-IBN Exclusive: Is real imitating Reel for SRK". and worst is this "Share your thoughts of what we should do for questioning SRK-Times Now".. Thanks guys you are all doing a great job,. !!

Then we have the director who knew nothing other than shootin at NY.. Yeah, Karan Johar. It was time for him to share his thots. and he said "SRK is a global icon. you cant do anything like this"..a couple of weeks back Abdul kalam was detained by some airline company. did he do anything like these? then why the hell did SRK make it such a big scene. I know that his yet-to-be-released "My Name is Khan" has a plot similar to this. and I'm 200% confident that this bloody SRK and Karan Johar are doing this to publicize the movie. because they know that the movie cant do a s**t in the box-office. and from now till tonite this is the topic in all news channel. and Times Now has a spl show at 8 30 wit Arnab(one-of-the-worst TV anchors I ve ever seen in my life) on this i believe.

India independence, Swine flu are all second priority when compared to SRK being detained at the airport. !@#&%$^ ..

If this is how we are gonna be, then we can better forget about being a developed nation by 2020. not 2020, even at 4040 we wont be a developed one. !!