Thursday, August 7, 2008

*@#%$^& !!!!

A lot of us have felt it. blogged about it. spoke about it to our frnds. how the life has suddenly made a U-turn and now heading towards the worst days our lives. its been one year in the s/w industry and i m hating it to the Core.. 'TO THE CORE'... !!!!

Cliched life, boring characters as PM's , over enthusiastic colleagues in the fun club of our organization trying to create some kind of joyous environment. I hate it. Fun should come by itself. You don't have to create fun. College. !! There was no special committee for fun. it just happened.. thats it. it was fun when someone failed in the mid-term exams. it was fun when we bunked the classes and roamed. it was fun when someone was chucked out of the class by the professor. it was fun when there during the celebration for someone's bday. it was fun during the exams, fun during the placement preparations. fun even when our performance in the culturals was declared the Worst.

Company has made me sick. the first thot when my cell phone alarm starts to buzz at 5 45 in the morning is, 'F**k!!' .. Life has become so monotonous. Much worse than when i wrote 'Just another day'.. Projects, deadlines, build failures, testcasesl, .... I feel like shouting 'Give me some break'. Just feel like resigning the job.. But the next moment, the question arises 'And then wat r u going to do??'.

Many of my frnds hate the Software Industry. As far as my knowledge, atleast all the guys with whom i ve met told me that 'I dont feel like working here'. The survey results when i queried them whether they hated sortware industry was 100%. Believe me.!! Its a cent percent. The survey includes ppl from TCS till Oracle... So wat are these chunk of ppl(including me) doing here. Living a life for the society. Thats all about it.

I never want to show off that i m a software engineer. i regret being a SE. Hours of peeping into the monitor screen with the green, blue, pink-colored codes in Visual Studio makes me dull. one fine day, a Business Analyst comes and tells, "Project with no specific requirements, design, technology needs to be completed in 2 months. " ..WTF man !! Boring. Boring. Boring. I've changed completely. I've become so silent at home nowadays. Im too tired even to speak. The FM and the Music Player in my Cell Phone are my best companions. And Bosskey's show in FM in the evening is the one that brings some smile in my face.

At last, thanks for reading a cliched post about a thoroughly boring life..