Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan - Aayirathil Oru Padam

With two and a half years of effort by the whole crew of AO it all comes down to this. A movie that had a concept that could've taken the whole industry by a storm and could've easily been the "movie of a lifetime" marred by profane dialogues mostly towards woman, horrible scenes tat sometimes makes you feel "why the hell I'm watching this movie", unbearable background score, graphics work that makes it look like a cartoon movie, a completely lost polt at the end and finally after the 3.5 hr so-called "epic" you think how the censor board cleared this movie for release!!

Here's the story:
A group of archeologists headed by Reema Sen with Andrea in the team head to a dense forest in Vietnam where the Cholas supposedly escaped during the war, hid there and made their last footprint. Karthi joins the team to help them. To reach the place they had to cross thru some 7 traps(or should i call Crap). And at the end of the first half, as you can expect, just Reema, Andrea and Karthi get into the place and then they stare at the world of Black Magic ... Tadaan.. !! Interval..

The trio get into the world of Cholas.. Yes .. Literally.. The Cholas still live in that same place and they do have a King. And that is Parthiban.. and what an entry for Parthiban.. Parthiban climbs down the chariot and while he walks down he walks only on the blood of his own people.. everytime he climbs down, 4-5 heads get chopped and he walks on the blood spilled out of it. and then he goes near a woman and she shows her breast and presses it and blood oozes out of it.. I am not exaggerating that's wat is portrayed.. ok..back to the movie.. so these 3 enter the world of 'dark' cholas and they're about to be punished when suddenly Reema uses her black magic power and tells the Cholas that she is a Chola Messenger and come a long way just to tell that war is over and Cholas can get back to their place.. Listening to this everyone in the Cholan empire give her a warm welcome like asking her to urinate standing !!

Meanwhile there is flashback. Reema is a Pandia descendent and has come to get a God's idol that the Cholas robbed from the Pandias.So she dances with parthiban, has sex with him and gets to see the idol and by this time you would know that Karthi is the actual messenger. and then there is a confusing climax where there is a war between the Indian Army and the Cholas !! I think Selvaraghavan forgot that we've got Indian AirForce to drop bombs from the sky. They go along with fighting against the Cholas and capture everyone including the Cholan Queen. And Cholan queen is made to dance to 'apadi podu' song and is urinated by the army .. Seeing this Parthiban and all his people get into water and die.. Karthi saves one kid of the Cholan dynasty and you get "Cholan payanam thodarum" and the credits..

Don't ask me what I wrote in the last para, "enakum oru mayirum puriyala da dei"..
Reema is hot but the vulgarity is too much that you can't withstand it and worse if you are with the family you would've to leave the theatre midway to prove that you are good guy.! Selva can claim that for the first time in the history of cinema more than 1,00,00,000 heads have been beheaded and 10,00,000 liters of blood has been used and there are more beep sounds to censor the bad words than the original dialgoues ! The second half is full of loopholes. why is Reema not using the black magic power to fight against them, what the hell is Andrea for in the movie, why the hell is the movie titled 'aayirathil oruvan' but you better forget all these and go home and take rest to get back to normal.

The stunt scenes were completely copied from 300, Gladiator but lets not compare, after all he has given such a wonderful movie for all of us to see. I hope this movie fails bigtime in the BO so that we don't see anymore of this kind..

1 star out of 10 for this movie just for the effort that thousand people who have put in for the movie. Refrain from watching this movie.Especially children, women and those with a faint-heart

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya - Music Review

After having waited for more than a month and a half for this album and at times frustrated for not getting the album as promised on Dec 18th, the moment finally came down to listen to VTV.. Here's a lil review of mine on VTV. This movie is at the top of my "most expected movies for 2010"(Followed closely by Goa and Tamil Padam)

1. O Manna Penne
Sung by Benny, this song is surely a 'top-of-the chart' material. Interesting beats, superb lyrics by Thamarai and beautifully crooned by Benny.. The Malayali lyrics in between make it unique. The album opens up with this wonderful number and you can't wait to listen to other songs.. Just can't get my mind out of the chorus 'O Manna Penne' and the last stanza where benny sings "podiyan".. My Rank : 1

2. Anbil Avan
A decent number by Chinmayi and Devan.. The natasvaram bit after the first stanza is simply superb and the fast lines in between stanzas makes it more interesting. A Not-so-great song but you'll definitely love it if you keep listening to this song. My Rank: 3

3. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya
My favorite singer Karthik is back to rock with ARR but this time for a wrong song. A very slow number that makes you switch over to the next track soon.. Just 3 min song but it's sooooo lengthy.. Probably the song might go well with the movie, but definitely not a great number.. As i said, this is a song that you would love to skip.. My Rank: 6

4. Hosanna
The 'leaked' song.. The leaked version and this one is a lil different with ARR using so many instruments at the background. But amazing lyrics by Thamarai yet again. Never knew so many
tamil words sound so good.. Great rendition by Vijay Prakash and rap by Blaaze.. This is definitely "the" song that is gonna be played on all FM Stations for the next couple of months..
The rap part especially by Blaaze couldn't have gelled with the song better.. My Rank: 2

5. Kannukul Kannil
A song that sounded similar to "Karu karu" atleast for the beats when i heard for the first time. Sung by Naresh Iyer this is the only fast number in the entire album.. Great percussion and the final few seconds is just mindblowing.. My Rank: 4

6. Mannipaaya
ARR and Shreya Ghosal get-together to give us this yet-another-slow number. SG as usual is at her usual best and the moment ARR starts singing you think you're gonna have a great song. But not so great.. :( a 6 min song which is far better than the 3 min Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya track.. The bgm of the song at certain places like the one before the start of the second stanza is brilliant.. May be if you are on a train journey you would love this song.. slow and soothing.. My Rank: 5

7. Aaromale
A full Malayalam song sung by Alphonse.. I heard many ppl telling tat ARR has copied "Pink Floyd".. i've not heard Pink Floyd, so i am not sure.. Its a decent number with a great guitar intro, excepting the last portion where Alphonse shouts "Aaromaleeeeee".. that time u feel like u shd take the headphones of your ears for sometime .. A "OK" number... Probably i need to listen it for some more time before coming into any conclusion on this one. but currently, My Rank: 6

Being an ardent fan of both ARR and Gautam this review might be a little bit biased but still the album is not that bad as many claim(one of my team mate said it Sucks..!!). I would rate this album way ahead of 'Sivaji' , 'Blue'. This may not be a trendsetter of sorts but definitely a beautiful melodious album.. If you ask me if its Gautam-Harris or Gautam-ARR combo that works out, I would still go ahead with Gautam-Harris simply cos they've given 5 great blockbuster albums.. I am quite unsure how commercially VTV will be accepted by the audience.

Whatever said, I can't wait for Feb 14 for the movie to hit the screens.. !!