Sunday, June 14, 2009

First day at T.I.M.E

Joined T.I.M.E recently and you smart guy, you guessed it right !! For my CAT .. Yesterday was the first day at T.I.M.E and it was my favorite class 'Quants'. I've always loved Maths from my school days. Not sure whether i inherited that love from my dad who is a Math Genius himself.. Still remember the last time i got beatings from him for wrongly solving a differential equation during my X holidays !! Yeah ..!! He made me study my XI subjects when I was thinking off enjoying my X holidays. !! I dont know what all I cursed him tat time, but now all those fond memories bring a wide smile on my face and wish that I never got older !!! Back to the Karnataka Sangha School(T.Nagar. thats where my T.I.M.E coaching happens), where I was a stranger to everyone around. The watchman, the aaya and to the hundreds of wanna-be IIM-ites.

Not knowing where to go from the entrance and as a perfect tamilian of not liking to ask anyone else too (!!) was giving a thought of what i should do. And then there came a good-looking gal wearing a t-shirt with a wordlist printed on it. Not to waste any more time, i started going through the wordlist, [:)] and followed her. After finding that she belongs to a senior batch, i found that my classroom was C11. After searching the whole building(even went to the terrace not knowing that there were only 2 floors), found that the class room was actually G1 and not C11.

Settled in the Vth standard classroom(last bench again!) and waited for the staff to come. A small built guy,looked like he was a teacher for the XIth Math teacher, came in and introduced himself as Murali. Everyone in the class stood up !! Found utterly weird to me .. In the company you never do such things, but almost everyone in the room were college students. So that explains it all.

On the big black board, he wrote 'Simple Equations' wrote the following
"Can someone tell me whats the value of x,y,z ?" The first question stunned me completely. Is it for this ive paid 16k !!! Everyone else in the room were perplexed like me, and no one was sure whether to answer him or not. With no one ready to answer such a difficult set of questions, Mr. Murali taught us "Take the 2 onto the right side.. What ll you get?? Its 8/2 = 4. Hence x=4". So similarly you get y=(9/3)=3 and z=(20/5)=4 .. Thought he was going a little overboard. Everyone in the room were atleast Engineers and dont they know this !!

Then comes the second difficult question
if x=1, y=1 what is x+2y ?

I thought this class was gonna be a total waste of time and even thought of doing something useful back home like watching Isaiaruvi and Sun Music. !!

But after sometime I found that he was trying to gauge the level of Math knowledge of the class and I found he was quite interesting !! He gave some really cool and complicated problems and the class was on the whole interesting. Couple of problems were really a problem to me.

At the end of the class, he asked everyone of us to introduce themselves. And the whole class was a bunch of engineering students and a guy from TCS. As I was sitting in the last bench, I was the last one to introduce. I told "Sridhar. Working for MindTree Limited". The whole class(including Mr.Murali) went like "Ooooh.. MindTree uh.. !! "

The whole hush meant something like "He is working with MindTree. So he is sure to get into an IIM !! "

"Dei. MindTree nalla company thaan !! Athukum ithukum enna da sammantham!!.Sathyama puriyala. Think I should have told i m working for Kekkaran Bekkaran Company " !!

It's the second day today and the expectations from me have already gone sky high !! Don't know what's gonna happen !! :(