Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ko - Music Review

The 'Ayan' combo is back and with the teasers it looked like 'Ko' is going to be a musical treat. Have been listening to the songs for the last 3 days and in a position to review.

1. Ennamo Edho

Whatyaaa song ! The moment I heard the song in the trailers, I fell madly with the song. The fresh lyric and the catchy tunes for 30 sec were enough for me to fall in love with the song. The rendition of Alaap Raju and the really catchy lyric by Madhan Karky adds just the right mix to the song and makes me wait more from the album. Madhan Karky has been a wonderful find. Have been appreciating his work in 'Irumbile', 'Nenjil Nenjil' from Engeyum Kadhal and this song is just the best of his work yet.

2. Amali Thumali
Setting the expectation with Ennamo Edho comes a very easily findable Harris Tune in Amali Thumali. Sung by Hariharan and with the initial lyric looking very similar to Hasili fisile, the song never takes off. Not a great follow-up to Ennamo Edho

3. Netri Pottil
The song that tries to wake up the youth of today, the lyric department is again entrusted with Madhan Karky. Naresh Iyer at his best yet again and with just 2 mins of running time, the song fills the mood rightly. A good work by Harris trying to claw his way back and let us know that the all isn't over yet.

4. Venpaniye
Harris's fav singer is back. Bombay Jayashree it is. A soothing number by her and Sriram Parthasarathy sounds more like Vaarayo in terms of the melody. Simple arrangements of beats and nothing that gets you on the high. Both the singers try to provide the husky feel to the song and the soothes you. I feel melody has been Harri's space and he proves time and again why he is so good at them. A wonderful number

5. Gala Gala
I have always felt party kind of songs aren't Harris' cup of tea. He proved that with 'Adagada' from Sathyam movie. Gala Gala is sung by the youth brigade of singers. Krish, Haricharan, Tippu. I guess this is the song where all celebrities including Surya make an appearance. A normal track in the album and grows on you to an extent when u keep listening to it.

6. Aga Naga
A hip-hop genre of song which I personally dont like. Not a great finish to the album. Too many singers and too many variations make it a not so fav track to me. This is the poorest track of the entire album.

All said, the expectations that Harris sets with the first track "Ennamo Edho" never happens again in the album. Netri Potil and Venpaniye are 2 other good tracks to the album. On the whole a 3/5 for KO. Hope the visuals add better effect to the songs. A good follow-up to Ayan though !

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