Sunday, March 7, 2010

Story of Vijay's next thriller movie - Sura

Source: Indiaglitz

"The story is about the power of youth. Usually most of the youth wants to play safe when they see atrocities happen in front of them. They feel insecure and tries to escape out of the situation fearing many factors. But Vijay having all the courage tries to put things right by using all right means including politics. But when all fail he becomes a one man army to weed out social crimes without fearing for anything just like a shark would hunt its prey alone. With sufficient political overtones ‘Sura’ will also have its share of punch dialogues. "

Verdict: In Goundamani's voice
"iruvanthanju varushama ne ithaye thaana da solitu irukka.. makkale intha maathiri naaingala elaam neengale adichu thorathidunga"

--Edited post the release

Sorry guys, this was not the original story. The movie sucked much more than this :)
I believe even the above story could have been better

I m planning to sue Indiaglitz for giving us the wrong story

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santa said...

haha!! nail in the coffin